AI Appointment Setter

for Real Estate Agents

Full Access License $2918 -83%

The Ultimate Game-Changer for Real Estate Agents

Your 24/7 assistant that never sleeps, never takes a break, and never misses a lead

🌟 24/7 Chat Availability: Round-the-clock assistance ensures leads are attended to any hour of the day.

🌟 ChatGPT-Powered: Harnessing the world-renowned capabilities of ChatGPT for seamless conversations.

🌟 Lead Qualification: Efficiently filters high-value leads, ensuring your time is optimally used.

🌟 Instant Responses: No more lead cooling period. Immediate responses mean higher conversion rates.

Increased Efficiency: Agents reported a 50% increase in productivity

Cost-Effective: Save on hiring, training, and retaining receptionists or assistants.

Lead Tracking: Easily monitor lead interactions and follow-ups.

“Before using the AI Appointment Setter, I'd lose leads because I was either too busy or they’d contact outside business hours. Now, I’ve seen a 30% increase in listings.”

Tracy S.

“The best investment I made this year. It's like having a dedicated assistant without the overheads!”

Mario D.

Why Is This The Missing Piece?


Tailored for Real Estate

Generic bots don’t cut it. Our AI is prompted to understand real estate jargon, market nuances, and the specific needs of potential clients.



Not all leads are equal. The AI Appointment Setter can gauge and prioritize high-intent leads, ensuring you're focusing your efforts where they matter the most.


Data-Driven Insights

Beyond setting appointments, get insights on lead behavior, popular times, and more. This isn’t just an appointment setter; it's a goldmine of insights.

Full Access License $2918 -83%

“Using the AI Appointment Setter was like turning on a switch. My leads are engaged instantly, and I've seen a dramatic increase in listing appointments. It’s the advantage I didn’t know I needed!”

Alex T.

Think about it... Every time you're busy, on a call, in a meeting, or even sleeping, you're potentially missing out on listing appointments. But with AI Appointment Setter:

✅ Maximize Your Availability: Even when you're not working, the AI is. And it's working for YOU.

✅ Enhanced Credibility: Immediate responses give an impression of professionalism and dedication.

✅ Stay Ahead of the Curve : While others are struggling with lead management, you'll be a step ahead, impressing leads with your sophisticated, AI-powered approach.


Don't Settle for Average

As an agent, there's no room for mediocrity. The AI Appointment Setter isn't about replacing the human touch; it's about enhancing it, ensuring you're always there for your leads, always ready to take on the next opportunity.

🔥 You've got the talent, the drive, and the dedication. We provide the tech to match.

🔥 Unlock the next level of real estate success.

Bring the AI Appointment Setter into your arsenal and witness the transformation.

Full Access License $2918 -83%

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